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 Syrane Chronicles, Syrane, Pete Diggins, Peter Diggins
 Syrane Chronicles, Syrane, Pete Diggins, Peter Diggins, Duncan Hawkwind, Outsider

Pete Diggins

I do other stuff too

About Pete


I currently call Hobart, Tasmania, my home; yes, the place known for its Tasmanian devils. My time on Earth is relatively brief, as I’m gearing up for a journey to another planet, although I’m still deciding which one that will be. For now, Earth is my home.


My passion lies in crafting stories. I revel in the art of conjuring tales from thin air and bringing them to life on paper. Alongside my penchant for storytelling, I’m an avid reader, constantly exploring new worlds through books.


Cricket was a significant part of my life. Not only did I play the game with fervour, but I also ventured into coaching. Some of my most cherished stories stem from my cricketing achievements, which rival the fiction I create.


My creative endeavours have culminated in the authorship of a few books, each an adventure in its own right.


In my leisure hours, you can find me jogging through the suburbs, trekking in the bush, or trying my hand (or rather, fingers) at playing the guitar and bass guitar – albeit with a touch of unpolished skill.

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