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Welcome to

Home of the Syrane Chronicles.

The Kingdom of Syrane:

 a land of heroic fantasy adventure.

Books 1-3 are The Hawkwind Saga.



A Miscast Spell - Book One of the Syrane Chronicles


Out Now!

Don't miss "The Archmage's Tower"

The second volume of Peter Diggins' epic fantasy series,

The Chronicles of Syrane.

For Duncan Hawkwind, the outsider, the kingdom of Syrane now feels like a prison.

On the run from his captors, Duncan continues his search for a way back to modern Earth. The trail leads him to the abandoned Temple of Camulus in the Pass of Xiphos.

He finds many loyal friends to help him in his quest, but his enemies are also growing in number. Manfred von Borin and his agents try to end Duncan's life, and the mysterious Watcher continues to exert his influence. When will the Watcher reveal his true nature?

Available for pre-order now!


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